Singing Lessons in Philadelphia

Meet Dr. Emily Anna Bridges, founder of La Voce Mia Voice Studio in Center City, Philadelphia. Dr. Bridges earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Music at the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 and holds a B.A. in both Music and Biology from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. She has taught voice for almost a decade and has worked with hundreds of students.

La Voce Mia is a full-time voice studio near the intersection of 11th and Clinton Streets on historic Antique Row in the Washington Square West neighborhood in Center City Philadelphia. Students are of all ages, and come from a wide range of musical backgrounds.  Students at all levels of musical development are welcome, from the beginner to the professional singer. Skype lessons are also available for local as well as students outside the Philadelphia metro area.

Private lessons are taught weekly, and focus primarily on strengthening the breathing apparatus, getting the voice closing properly (to create sound in a healthy and sustainable way), achieving clear and consistently resonant vowels (phonation), and expanding range and power.  Most importantly, students are encouraged to find and develop their own authentic and natural sound.

In addition to weekly lessons, recordings of unique, tailored exercises are made for each student, to be practiced during the week, along with breathing, tongue, and postural exercises.  This individual work results in the development of significant vocal skills that are implemented in the performance of pieces at lesson each week. Student goals and interests determine what genre or style of music we work with. All music is welcome at La Voce Mia as long as it is healthy and sustainable for the voice to produce.

Dr. Bridges’ system of vocal instruction is efficient, holistic, and deeply aware of the voice’s connection to body and mind. In addition to technical work, students also explore vital aspects of vocal performance, such as musical interpretation, theatricality, connecting with audiences, defeating stage fright, keeping their connection to the original passion for singing, and improving body alignment in every day life. Students working in the Philadelphia studio also have the opportunity to perform in front of small audiences at biannual recitals.

Voice lessons may be purchased hourly or as part of an affordable monthly membership that includes weekly lessons (at least 4 per month), jumpstart binder, progress tracker, and custom vocal exercise recordings, as well as participation in the fall and spring session studio recitals. Interested students should see the Rates page at for more details and information.

Contact Dr. Bridges today by e-mail or phone with a short description of your vocal history, goals, and what you are looking for a teacher right now.  She will respond quickly to set up a free consultation meeting in Center City where you can meet her face to face to discuss lessons further.